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  • How much does it cost to get on our guestlist, book bottle service, or use any other of our services?
    It is FREE to join our guestlist It is FREE to make a bottle service (table) bookings through us We also have FREE birthday packages And we help with venue hiring for FREE
  • What is the difference between ‘guestlist’ and ‘bottle service (tables)’?
    Guestlist can get you into a venue. On our guestlist you will have access to our table with complimentary drinks. Visit join guestlist page for further information and to make a request. Bottle service (table) bookings get you your own table at the nightclub with a minimum spend. It is a great experience with VIP perks. Visit bookings or further information or to make a bottle service (table) booking request. You can also WhatsApp or Instagram us for guestlist and booking requests.
  • What is ‘guestlist’?
    Being on our guestlist increases your chances of getting into an exclusive venue that night and gives you privileges such as access to our table with complimentary drinks Popular venues with exclusivity often run guestlists. Guestlists give visitors a better experience by preventing overcrowding at the door and helping the venue stay within its capacity. It can also help bring likeminded people together Without being on our guestlist, it is much more difficult to get into the venue and you miss out on privileges Visitors on a guestlist are prioritised for entry You can request to join our guestlist via WhatsApp, Instagram, or the join guestlist page
  • What happens when you join our guestlist?
    Once you let us know you would like to join our guestlist, we get in touch with you on WhatsApp and give you all the details you need to know You can request to join our guestlist via WhatsApp, Instagram, or the join guestlist page
  • Can you help with nightclubs not shown on your site?
    Yes! Just ask us
  • How does ‘venue hiring’ work? How much does it cost?
    We find the perfect venue for you to hire (rent) for whatever occasion you have. We work with your budget, while still ensuring the venue is suitable and of good standard. You can hire a venue for small parties or occasions too, there is no minimum size or cost. We do not charge a fee for this service. It is free. You will only need to pay what the venue charges for hiring. We also provide, for a fee, party organising services. We can organise the entire party or assist with part of it. Get in touch to find out more.
  • What does M&F NIGHTS do?
    We run guestlists for London's most exclusive nightclubs and book bottle service and tables at nightclubs. We also can help with venue hiring and private events along with birthday packages.
  • What are ‘birthday packages’?
    Our birthday packages are tailored to what you like and can be entirely free. These can include free pre-drinks or dinner followed by clubbing using our guestlist. We also have paid birthday packages, which can include making special restaurant reservations and/or bottle service bookings. Get in touch to find out more.
  • What is the dress code?
    We work with exclusive, high-end establishments that each run their own dress code policy but most often require you dress to impress. Hoodies, trainers, and sportswear are often not allowed.
  • Why do we sometimes ask for Instagram?
    The venues we work with are exclusive and Instagram is a convenient way for us to confirm guests’ identity for security reasons and is a useful way for us to better understand who our guests are.
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  • phone-68-512 (1)
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