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For a same-day request or birthday packages, contact us on WhatsApp or Instagram


Questions about guestlist, table bookings, venue hiring, birthday packages, or anything else? Feel free to get in touch with us.


The two best ways to get in touch with us are via WhatsApp and Instagram.


You're also welcome to submit an enquiry using the form below for less urgent matters, however we strongly recommend using WhatsApp or Instagram

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M&F NIGHTS is a London guestlist & table booking service for high-end nightclubs and restaurants in Mayfair and the surrounding areas. We cover celebrity hotspots, luxury clubbing destinations, and Michelin Star restaurants. We also review venues and share knowledge on what to expect.

Before founding M&F NIGHTS, we were out-and-about often in the Mayfair nightlife scene and we’ve seen just about everything that makes - or breaks - any night out. When helping with guestlist or table bookings, we can relate to what makes a fun experience based on our years of experience going out in Mayfair. 

So how are we different? And why us? Well, we're pretty honest and we're very efficient.


We'd rather gain trust than sell false hope. We say things as they are and suggest what is best for you. Choosing a club promoter means you choose to trust someone with your time, money, and peace of mind. We aim to build and honour this client-promoter trust within every interaction so that you can enjoy an amazing and carefree night out. 


One of our main roles as a London guestlist and booking service is to streamline your booking process and give you the special treatment you deserve. There’s so much hassle in getting a table booking or joining a guestlist through an over-exhausted club management that’s already flooded with requests. 

We simply help our VIP clients avoid all that so they can plan their night in no time. The faster you can get your booking, the sooner you can put your mind at ease and enjoy the moments leading up to an unforgettable night.

Not to mention, we make sure to handle any special requests for our clients, from birthdays to movie-like after parties.

We respond quick and make things as easy as possible, with no surprises. 


Michael (left) and Fares (right) are cousins, best friends, and the founders of Michael & Fares Nights (aka MF Nights). 

The two used to party around Mayfair often and always enjoyed meeting new people.


While Michael is chatty, Fares is more reserved. Michael handles the business side of things and Fares handles all the software and coding.  

The best way to know more about them is to check out their personal Instagrams:

Michael's IG:

Fares' IG: @faresbounam

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